We Deal With Things Responsibly

Sustainability is a significant component of our holistic brand philosophy. We have a responsibility to the environment and coming generations as well as to our customers, partners and suppliers and not least to our staff. All our actions are focussed and efficient and we attach particular importance to economic, ecological and social quality. Our particular focus is on sustainable project implementation that expresses your visions and brand values.

Sustainability for the environment and the next generations…

this means using natural resources in an economical way and achieving high levels of energy efficiency. We use all the economically and socially acceptable options that are available to minimize the effects of our operations on the environment.

Sustainability for our customers…

is mainly based on the principle of fairness. We aspire to meet our customer's requirements and to successfully achieve their objectives. We maintain customer relationships and try to expand them into long-term partnerships.

Sustainability for business partners and suppliers…

is based on dealing with one another honestly. We aim to create genuine win-win partnerships and to maintain them on a long-term basis. If it is logistically reasonable, we prefer to work with regional partner companies that are run on a sensible basis.

Sustainability for our staff…

is based on the fact that people make a significant contribution to the long-term success of our company. In this connection, we pay particular attention to qualified training and regular in-service training courses. We guarantee a good day's pay for a good day's work.

We have understood,

that the long-term success of a company is only possible by taking into account sustainability authentically and on a holistic basis and we act appropriately from this conviction. We are expressly committed to complying with FAMAB quality criteria and have been certified as a "Sustainable Company powered by FAMAB" by independent service providers CO2OL and Viabono. We are proud to have held the certificate since February 2013.

After making this start, we look forward to further options to improve our sustainable business activities.

At a glance: Our "Sustainable Company" Components

Messe-Pro | Exhibition construction, exhibition design, exhibition stands & events

Brand Experience- Always Fair: Create a new basis for exhibition and event communication. Messe-Pro as an international full-service provider transforms your exhibition presence into a genuine brand experience for your company and your visitors. Messe-Pro from Hessen "next to" Frankfurt am Main integrates all aspects starting from strategy and design, through CNC production to implementation on-site – and meets the highest standards of quality, sustainability and service at every stage.

Based on many years of tradition and experience since 1990, Messe-Pro, based in Lahnau/Mittelhessen Germany, implements brand presentations measuring up to 4,000 square metres of modular, composite or individual construction. When doing this, we anchor the key values of your brand using impressive messages and innovative space layouts in your company appearance and produce a creative world of experience for your visitors.