Individual Exhibition Design - We Tell Stories

There are a large number of different brands all over the world; however, it's the story behind the brand that makes it unique. Experiencing and understanding a brand, associating unique emotions with it and identifying with it are the characteristics that make a brand special. Messe-Pro makes it possible for you to tell your own story and to represent the strength of your brand at exhibitions and events by experiencing it.

To make it possible to emotionalize your brand presentation and to encourage your visitors to build up a relationship with it, we develop concepts that make your exhibition project unique. Based on this concept, our professional staff members design and plan space compositions to use the available floorspace in an optimum way. We consult with you closely and on an ongoing basis; as exhibition professionals we organize the overall project and ensure that all the necessary technical orders and approvals run smoothly. We carry out production and implementation with an orientation towards your brand philosophy in our own warehouse and production centre, which makes it possible for you to can concentrate completely on live communication with your visitors.

IdeeA well-staged brand presentation lives from the idea that is behind it all. This idea doesn't just give the brand its visibility but also its meaning.

Strong effective space concepts combined with emotional brand experiences – we tell the individual story of your brand.

Messe-Pro | Exhibition construction, exhibition design, exhibition stands & events

Brand Experience- Always Fair: Create a new basis for exhibition and event communication. Messe-Pro as an international full-service provider transforms your exhibition presence into a genuine brand experience for your company and your visitors. Messe-Pro from Hessen "next to" Frankfurt am Main integrates all aspects starting from strategy and design, through CNC production to implementation on-site – and meets the highest standards of quality, sustainability and service at every stage.

Based on many years of tradition and experience since 1990, Messe-Pro, based in Lahnau/Mittelhessen Germany, implements brand presentations measuring up to 4,000 square metres of modular, composite or individual construction. When doing this, we anchor the key values of your brand using impressive messages and innovative space layouts in your company appearance and produce a creative world of experience for your visitors.