Trade Fair Stand 4.0 at Techtextil 2017 in Frankfurt am Main.


The trade fair stand for Mehler-Engineered Products is a well-rounded affair!

This stand was all about presenting the entire Cord product family, and our exciting brief included a new stand concept. The innovative product names are based on animals and represent the characteristics of the individual cords. Our solution was a round booth in black and turquoise. Interestingly, this relatively small footprint of just 63 m2 facilitated a great performance with prominent accent lighting generating the perfect colour scene for the graphics. A gallery with LED lights and effect projectors created an iridescent play of changing colours to support the overall effect. All in all, a highly appealing, well-rounded and successful trade fair appearance.

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We were particularly thrilled with the positive feedback that Mehler published on their home page:

“We would like to thank all visitors of our booth at Techtextil 2017 in Frankfurt.

This year, we again held interesting discussions with customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Our highlights this year were, in particular, our new stand concept around our message “The Cord Evolution” and our new brand concept. We were very pleased about the particularly positive feedback on our innovations.

Our new brands Wolfcord, Spidercord, Tigercord, Eaglecord, Elephantcord and Butterflycord will continue to accompany us in the future, and we hope for an improved recognition value combined with a high quality understanding of our products.

In the future you can expect more innovations from us. Our Sharkcord is already waiting to be presented.

At MEP, the responsible use of resources is very important. For this reason, we decided to use essential parts of the Techtextil booth 2017 for our showroom at our headquarters in Fulda.”

More information: Mehler-Engineered Products

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